Welcome to the Anopi Nation

Our native land is the YMCA in Westchester, but the spirit of our tribes comes alive wherever and whenever we gather to spend time with our children, tribemates, and in nature. Like the poles that hold up a teepee, the three pillars of the Anopi Nation are: family, friends, and fun.

Share more of you

What do our kids want most? Time with us – their parents. From hiking in the woods to playing on the beach to creating a Pinewood Derby® racer and more, opportunities for father-child or mother-child bonding are at the core of every Anopi Nation activity

A circle that becomes stronger as it grows

As part of the Anopi Nation you’ll grow and strengthen your and your child’s circle of friends. You’ll make new friends and deepen relationships with current ones. Your kids will meet and play with peers from their current school as well as from schools beyond their neighborhood. Strangers will become friends. Friendships will deepen. Your circle will grow.

Fun is built-in to all we do

Fun is part of every Anopi Nation experience. Join us for camping, parades, pinewood derby races, civic celebrations and community service. Have you ever played Ga-ga? Do you secretly dream of having an Indian name? When’s the last time you experienced a snowball attack? Or better yet, started one? This is just a taste of the many activities you’ll participate in and not soon forget.

Learn More/Join us!

To become part of our great nation, or to learn more, call 310-670-4316, Contact Us or visit the Welcome Center at the Y.   Visit the pages of this site to learn more about our exciting activities and participation opportunities. 

You can Enroll Online (or do it in person).

We look forward to seeing you at the next tribal meeting. Until then, Wakonda!

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