4th of July Parade

About the only time it’s safe for your kids to walk in the street

Wear your vest and show your Anopi pride by marching in the annual Westchester 4th of July Parade! Does your tribe have some noisy toys? Bring them! A teepee on wheels? Haul it out of storage! Are you a unicyclist? Wheel it on over. Come show Westchester how much fun the Indian Guides/Princesses/Maidens/Braves program is!

What to expect at the July 4th Parade

Most kids walk the short route, but others like to bring some sort of kid-powered transportation. The kids love to hand out candy to the crowd.

What to bring to the July 4th Parade

  • Bike
  • Scooter
  • Candy
  • Comfy walking shoes
  • Wagon
  • Vest
  • Your favorite red, white and blue shirt


8300 Loyola Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045

Times and locations are subject to change. Please check with your tribal leader for up to date info on events.

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