Become a Leader

The Nation needs leaders like you

Any organization is only as good as the people who lead it. If you’ve got a knack for organization, are honest, brave, noble, and are ready to make a difference, we want to hear from you. Here’s a list of Indian Guides leadership opportunities and what each officer does.

Nation Chief

The Nation Chief oversees, plans, and coordinates the Y-Feather Program in partnership with the YMCA staff representatives. He or she presides over the council as well as longhouse and nation events.


The Firestarter serves as the nation's assistant chief. He or she works with the host tribes to organize and coordinate nation events. He or she also becomes the Nation Chief the following year.


The Sachem (wise old man) reminds all members of the aims of the program, leads the nation in many service projects and helps establish new tribes.


The Drumbeater (legend keeper) takes minutes at nation meetings and serves as editor, publisher and writer-at-large for the monthly Anopi publication, the “Smoke Signal.”


Scouts are responsible for the recruitment and assignment of new members into the various tribes within the Y-Feather Program.

Shadow catchers

Shadow catchers serve as the official photographers of all nation activities and events.

Sand Painter

The Sand Painter coordinates communication of Nation events in tandem with the Nation Chief.

Program Director

The Program Director is a member of both the YMCA staff and the Y-Feather Program. They act as coordinator and negotiator of all interactions between the YMCA and Anopi Nation.

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