Starting a Tribe

The fun begins the moment you sign up

Ready to join in the fun? Sign up today. Every year, in late August through September, the YMCA forms new tribes. Events like ice cream socials and the Pancake Powwow are great ways for you meet current Indian Guides. After you chat with some folks, visit the YMCA main office and sign up. You don’t even have to wait until September to join. You can join anytime and become part of an existing tribe.

Choose Your Indian Name

Part of being a member of the Anopi Nation is choosing your Indian Name. It's part of the Anopi tradition and we use them to greet each other. It's also used as your user name when writing stories on the website and also your user name for receiving the Smoke Signal, our offical email newsletter for the Nation.

Choosing a tribal name

Every tribe is named after a Native American tribe that is living, or has lived, in North America. A great place to learn about the many tribes that once lived across North America is You can also type in "American Indian names" in your favorite Internet search engine. Select the name that best reflects the spirit of your tribe and its goals. Once the moms and dads narrow down the choices, invite the kids to vote for their favorite.

Who is going to be Chief?

Honesty. Wisdom. Bravery. These are just some of the attributes that make a great Chief. Share your leadership skills by becoming Chief of your tribe. You’ll be Chief for one year, starting in September. Your responsibilities include leading the tribal meetings and attending the monthly Chief Meeting. The Chief’s Meeting is where the Nation gathers to plan its monthly events and solves any challenges the Nation may be experiencing. As your tribe’s representative, you will also be responsible for keeping your tribe informed of all the things happening in the Nation.

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