Tribal Wear

Your vest gives you somewhere to put your patches

Half the fun of being in Indian Guides is dressing up. The main way we do this is by wearing a leather vest you make. No, you will not be required to hunt and skin a buffalo. Just journey to our local vest vendor and buy the vest making kit. Then you can go to your favorite hobby or crafts store, like Michael’s, and choose from hundreds of decorative items to put on it. The whole point of creating a vest is to have somewhere to put the patches you get for participating in the many Indian Guide events. Every patch represents an experience or accomplishment you and your child have shared.

How to keep your patches on your vest

Over the years, just about every type of glue has been used to attach a patch to a vest. But you will find out (maybe the hard way) that eventually they all peel off. Only one brand of glue can stand the test of time. It’s called E6000, and you can find it at many craft stores, like Michael’s. To ensure you never lose a patch, watch this instructional video on how to use E6000.

How to make a tribal necklace.

Building an Indian craft is fun; building it with your child is even better. One of the easiest and most rewarding crafts to make is an Indian necklace. Craft stores are usually filled with a variety of beads and choices for rope. Start by selecting a few of your favorite beads and work your way up to a more complex design. Make your necklace as simple or as elaborate as you’d like.

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